1. Stalemate in Negotiations: The labor union and management had been unable to find common ground regarding extraordinary employee compensation, leading to a prolonged stalemate.

  2. Deteriorating Relationship: The ongoing conflict had taken a toll on the relationship between labor and management, resulting in increased animosity and communication breakdowns.

  3. Lack of Collaborative Skills: Both parties lacked the necessary skills for collaborative communications and negotiations, hindering progress in resolving the issue.


The CoRe Group devised a comprehensive intervention strategy to address the challenges faced by ABC Pharmaceuticals and facilitate a transformative resolution. The approach involved the following key steps:

  • Preliminary Scoping: Through in-depth consultations with the labor union and management, we gained a thorough understanding of the issues, concerns, and underlying dynamics contributing to the stalemate.

  • Customized Program Design: Based on our scoping, we tailored a program to meet the specific needs of the parties involved. The program aimed to bring labor and management together to rebuild their relationship, enhance collaborative communications and negotiation skills, and establish objectives for the dialogue.

  • Joint Dialogue and Skills Development: Over a three-day session, representatives from both the labor union and management engaged in a facilitated dialogue, focusing on rebuilding their relationship and identifying common interests. Our skilled facilitators provided training in collaborative communications and negotiation techniques, equipping the participants with the tools needed to engage in constructive discussions.

  • Joint Code of Conduct: Together, labor and management developed a joint code of conduct, outlining guidelines for respectful and effective communication. This code of conduct served as a foundation for fostering a positive work environment and improving future interactions.

THE OUTCOMES AND IMPACTS: The intervention conducted by The CoRe Group resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Rebuilding Relationship: The joint dialogue and facilitated sessions fostered open communication and understanding between labor and management, leading to the re-establishment of a constructive and collaborative relationship.

  • Enhanced Collaboration Skills: Through the skills development component of the program, representatives from both parties acquired the necessary tools and techniques to engage in productive negotiations, enabling them to move forward effectively.

  • Self-Empowerment: Equipped with the newfound skills and improved relationship, labor and management felt empowered to continue the negotiation process independently. They embraced the responsibility and ownership to resolve the issue.

  • Successful Resolution: With the foundation of improved communication and negotiation skills, labor and management resumed negotiations and were able to resolve the outstanding issue within a few meetings. Both parties reached a mutually beneficial agreement, ending the year-long stalemate.


The case study of ABC Pharmaceuticals illustrates the transformative power of collaboration and skilled facilitation in resolving workplace conflicts. Through the intervention provided by The CoRe Group, the labor union and management successfully rebuilt their relationship, acquired essential collaboration skills, and ultimately resolved their outstanding issue. This case exemplifies our commitment to empowering clients and fostering sustainable resolutions that transform conflict into opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Bridging the Divide: Transforming Workplace Conflict through Collaboration

INTRODUCTION: In this case study, we delve into a conflict between a multinational pharmaceutical company and its employee union, where a negotiation stalemate had strained their relationship for over a year. The Conflict Resolution Group (The CoRe Group) was engaged to facilitate a transformative intervention, fostering collaboration, and equipping both parties with the skills necessary to resolve their outstanding issue and rebuild their relationship.