Case Studies

Here are some of the work we have completed. For a more comprehensive list, please do contact us at [email protected].
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eyeglasses on book beside laptop
eyeglasses on book beside laptop

Bridging the Divide: Transforming Workplace Conflict through Collaborative Processes

This case study showcases the successful intervention of The CoRe Group in resolving a negotiation stalemate between a multinational pharmaceutical company and its employee union. Despite a year-long impasse regarding extraordinary employee compensation, both parties were unable to find a resolution. The CoRe Group designed a customized program focusing on rebuilding the relationship, upskilling representatives in collaborative communications and negotiations, and establishing a joint code of conduct. Through a three-day upskilling workshop, the labor union and management improved their communication and negotiation skills empowering them to resolve their outstanding issues within a few meetings. This case study highlights the transformative power of collaboration and skilled facilitation in resolving workplace conflicts and empowering clients to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Full story HERE.

Healing Through Conflict: Trouble in Leadership Circles

This case study presented by The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation Inc. highlights their successful intervention with XYZ Corporation, a multinational technology company grappling with internal conflicts within its leadership team. The case study explores the challenges faced, including interpersonal conflicts, communication breakdowns, and power struggles, and outlines the comprehensive approach taken by The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation Inc. to address these issues. The intervention involved initial assessment, stakeholder engagement, customized intervention, facilitation and mediation, and skill development. The outcomes achieved through their intervention include improved communication, transformed conflicts into constructive partnerships, increased productivity, and a positive organizational culture. This case study demonstrates the transformative impact of The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation Inc.'s work in fostering collaboration and resolving conflicts, inviting other organizations to explore their services for transforming conflict into opportunity. Full story HERE.

The Ambuklao-Binga Story: A Community Perspective from the Philippines

This is a case study that explores the transformative journey of the Ibaloi community, an indigenous ethnic minority group, and their struggle for justice and land rights after being displaced by the construction of hydroelectric dams. The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation Inc., in collaboration with the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman, facilitated a dialogue process that nurtured the values of talking and listening. The intervention resulted in restored dialogue, recognition of rights, enhanced communication and collaboration, and empowerment of the community. This case study emphasizes the power of dialogue and listening in bridging divides and finding sustainable solutions. It invites organizations and communities to embrace these transformative practices for conflict resolution.

Full story HERE.

Mediation between Business Partners: Restoring Relationships amidst Divestment

This case study focuses on a successful mediation process between two business partners who sought to divest their interests in the business amidst conflicts and ongoing legal cases. The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation Inc. facilitated a mediation approach that enabled the partners to resolve their differences, restore their relationship, and gain a deeper understanding of their divergent goals and interests. Despite the business not being saved, the partners were able to part ways amicably with a renewed sense of respect and knowledge, while minimizing the impact of the legal cases on their operations and assets. This case study highlights the effectiveness of mediation in navigating complex business conflicts, preserving relationships, and finding mutually acceptable solutions even in the presence of ongoing legal disputes. Full story HERE.


Mediate This!

These are stories somehow similar to cases that we have handled. Due to confidentiality of the mediation process, we cannot share any information actually gathered during our sessions. So as these stories may be make-believe, they are based on actual conflict.

Mediators, test your skill and see how you will handle these cases.

Case A: A Single Mistake

In the shiny halls of a top multinational corporation, there lived a man named Thomas, whose professional life was a well-orchestrated symphony until one fateful decision struck a discordant note. Thomas, a figure of respect and integrity, found himself buckling under the weight of deadlines and personal pressures. In a moment of frustration, he composed a harshly-worded email to a staff member, criticizing her inability to deliver on her work. The grave error in his judgment was not just the content, but his decision to copy the rest of the team.

This email, once sent, branded Thomas with labels he had never imagined would be associated with his name – a harasser and a jerk. The revelation of his uncharacteristic outburst sent shockwaves through his professional world. Colleagues who had once looked up to him now viewed him through a lens of skepticism and disappointment.

The revelation was swift and brutal. Colleagues who once greeted him with warm smiles now passed him with cold stares. Whispers echoed in the hallways, each word a sharp dagger to his reputation. The once-friendly banter at the water cooler ceased; now, conversations around him were hushed investigations, probing for the truth in the rumor mill.

Thomas felt the walls of his world closing in. The job he loved, the career he had built with years of dedication, now hung by a thread. He could sense the distrust in every meeting, every email, every casual glance. The weight of his mistake was a constant companion, a shadow in his every step.

At night, he lay awake, replaying the moment of his misjudgment, wondering how a single lapse could unravel so much. He longed for a chance to explain, to apologize, to rebuild. But the opportunity seemed as distant as the stars twinkling outside his window.

The once vibrant man, known for his laughter and insight, now walked the halls in silence, a ghost in his own life. His story became a poignant reminder of how one bad decision can echo infinitely, a lesson in the fragility of trust and the harsh reality of consequences in a world that rarely forgives.

In the end, Thomas's journey was not just about the mistake, but about the struggle to find redemption in a world that had turned its back. A struggle that many face, in the unforgiving dance of life's complex ballet.

A mediation session was set between Thomas and his complainant, Anna. Anna accused him of being a bully. Thomas waits for an opportunity to make it right but Anna shares a long list of behavior in the past year that perpetuates Thomas' reputation as a bully. He doesn't listen. He doesn't talk to us.