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  • I am in HR and we wish to build the skills of our people in negotiations, communications, conflict resolution.

  • My community has a problem that we need resolved quickly through dialogue.

  • My family has unresolved issues.

  • I need a facilitator to help resolve an issue, problem, or conflict.


Programs for Personal Wellness

“Once you know who you are, being is enough. You feel neither superior or inferior to anyone and you have no need for approval because you’ve awakened to your own infinite worth.”  - Deepak Chopra 

Our internationally-accredited Mindfulness Teacher shall run the following courses:
Mindful Self Compassion (MSC)
Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness (MBSAT)
Inner Resilience
Self-Leadership: Developing A Growth Mindset
Executive Coaching
Positive Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

Programs for Positive Relationships

Whether at work, at home, in school or the community, these courses will empower you to foster collaborative and lasting relationships:

Collaborative Negotiations
Empathic Communication
Trust-building Workshop
Participative Dialogue
Anger Management
Diversity, Inclusion in the Workplace
Promoting Organizational Growth Mindset
Leading Change Through VUCA
Handling Family Corporation Disputes
Designing a Workplace Dispute Resolution System
Handling Media and Public Relations
Transformational Strategic Planning
Family Services: Mediation, Coaching & Mindfulness

Purposeful Life Programs

What does it mean to have a purposeful life and how to achieve it?   Our modules guide you towards self discovery - to an existence aligned with your values and passion.   If you find yourself towards a path of becoming a leader, a peacebuilder, conflict resolver or facilitator, we journey with you as  you find your life's purpose:

Professional Mediation Accreditation Course
The Values-based Leader
Peacebuilding Through Diversity
Peacebuilding 101
Dialogue Facilitation for Large Public Disputes
Aligning Organizational Values Across Stakeholders
The Effective Negotiator
Enhancing Public Sector Leadership Skills
Conflict Analysis
Public Conversations Dialogue Program
Facilitating Dialogue on Sensitive Topics

The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, Inc.

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