International Women Mediators Converge for Peace and Security

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1/30/20111 min read

On January 9 to 21, 2011, the Institute for Inclusive Security (IIS) held a colloquium in Washington, DC on the role of women mediators in building peace. Twenty-one (21) experts in the field of mediation from different backgrounds across Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America were present to discuss ways on how to elevate the role of women mediators in peacebuilding. A report released by the IIS on the colloquium showed that the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) determined that participation of women in high-level peace negotiations are very little despite acknowledging the key role that women play in local and international peacebuilding. Data showed that less than 10% of negotiators are women and less than 3% represent signatories of peace agreements.

The Institute for Inclusive Security is dedicated to promoting the inclusion of all stakeholders in peace processes through research, training, and advocacy. It is this principle that guided the participants in the duration of the colloquium.

Ms. Annabelle Tecson-Abaya, an expert in the field of mediation from the Philippines, was chosen to represent the country in this significant event for women peacemakers. Topics such as gender inequality, the role of women in conflict, and the different solutions on how to increase the number of women in mediation were discussed. The colloquium ended with a list of recommendations that the participants believe would be of great importance to the role of women in mediation.

Ms. Annabelle Tecson-Abaya is the leading expert on mediation in the Philippines and the founder of the Conflict Resolution Group Foundation. Her invitation to this colloquium illustrated our country’s rich experience in mediation and the availability of highly qualified mediation practitioners in the Philippines. The CoRe Group has trained over 3,000 mediators with more than half being women.

SOURCE: Theresa de Langis, Across Conflict Lines, Women Mediating for Peace, 12th Annual Colloquium Findings, The Institute for Inclusive Security, 2010.