Successful Mediation Case by the CoRe Group Documented by Harvard

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4/8/20111 min read

Representatives of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSRI) of the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University visited the office of the Conflict Resolution Group Foundation in February 2011 to conduct interviews as part of a video documentary highlighting the mediation process involving the 60-year dispute between government and communities in Benguet. The CSRI team also took a trip to Barangay Ambuklao and Barangay Tinongdan to document experiences of both government and community representatives throughout the successful mediation process. The Ambuklao-Binga case was chosen together with 2 other successful mediation cases in Peru and the Niger Delta that will illustrate positive effects of collaborative negotiations between business and community.

The CSRI has been working on a project under Prof. John Ruggie, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Human Rights, to gather information including case studies of successful mechanisms that can properly address company-community disputes. The CoRe Group, along with other international NGO’s, has been assisting the CSRI in this endeavor.

The 3 video documentaries shall be made available on the CSRI website in June 2011.